A Watcher's Son
A Watcher's Son
Frequently Asked Questions

Author: Clea Saal
Fandom: The Sentinel / Buffy, the Vampire Slayer / Highlander
Rating: 13+
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A Watcher's Son


A Watcher's Son
Frequently Asked Questions

When does this take place?

My Son's Not a Watcher, First Impressions, Familiar Strangers, Old Eyes, Confrontations, Revelations, Sibling Rivalry, Drowning Sorrows and Parts of a Whole all take place in season five of Buffy, shortly after Forever.

Out of Heaven takes place in season six between the episodes Once More With Feeling and Tabula Rasa. It is after that that the story goes into slightly AU territory.

Everything else is post Chosen (series finale for Buffy).

As far as The Sentinel goes the whole thing takes place post series finale.

This is AU? How AU?

There is really only one important difference that should be obvious enough: Tara. This is my reasoning for that:

In season six Giles never left, Buffy never went to work at the Doublemeat Palace, Willow did get addicted to magic but Giles caught the problem on time and shipped both her and Tara to the coven before it got too out of hand so they weren't home when Warren came gunning for Buffy. Buffy was wounded but managed to survive, Warren was shot and killed by the police, Johnathan and Andrew managed to escape from prison and took off. Buffy and Spike did happen, as did the almost rape and Spike's resouling. With Tara safe there was no need for Willow to attempt to destroy the world, but she did learn the full extent of her powers and she found their scope somewhat frightening, enough to feel nervous about using them too freely in season seven.

In season seven there's no relationship between Willow and Kennedy (Tara is alive and healthy, thank you very much), things aren't nearly as bad between Buffy and Giles, though they are far from perfect, especially where Spike is concerned. Giles left Sunnydale after Buffy's nightmares began and then he brought the potentials back with him, things proceeded reasonably close to canon after that. The spell to activate the slayers was performed by Willow and Tara rather than by Willow alone.

You do realize that Tara is dead, don't you?

And that's why this is AU.

You do realize that in Angel <insert inconsistency of your choice here> and that clashes badly with this story, don't you?

OK, let's get this cleared up from the start. I never liked Angel as a character in Buffy (I didn't find him credible either as a good guy or as a bad guy, sorry) and I haven't really seen that show, so yes there will be plenty of mistakes when it comes to the L.A. gang. I admit that my knowledge of Angel is limited to a passing acquaintance with the characters, barely enough to know who's who. I acknowledge that there is a group in L.A. and I may mention something having to do with them now and then when it suits me, but that's about it and those references probably won't work with Angel canon.

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